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like a freight train

Wow! The end of the year is really zooming towards us…which makes me both sad and relieved. Sad because I love these kids and wish I had more time with them. I will miss ‘em! And relieved because there’s the opportunity for more than six hours of sleep a night within reach. We do have LOTS to do before then though…

DIBELs (reading) testing: the week after Memorial Day. All I can say is, I hope they sleep and eat right.

Music Program May 28th @2:30 pm: you absolutely must hear “Don Gato” sung by first and second graders. There’s no experience like it. And there are dinosaurs.

Family Picnic on May 29th from 11:15-12 pm (for us): bring your lunch or buy school lunch and eat our delicious hamburgers, grilled by Nutrition Services.

It’s going to be so much fun! Thankfully we’re done with MAP testing (for better or worse) and can have a fairly normal week of learning. Please also remember that this Friday is a half-day because of state budget cuts, also known as a “furlough” day.

Sunshine and blue skies!
Ms. Hamar