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long E…finally!

This week we are reviewing long E spelling patterns (_ea_ and _ee). Use these words to play Scrabble, make up new sentences, sing a BINGO song (perhaps “GREET”?) and challenge yourself on Spelling City. Have fun practicing!

1. bead
2. seal
3. feet
4. greet
5. bee
6. tree
7. leak
8. flea
9. teacup
10. meeting

amUsing long U spelling words

We are on a roll with spelling! Students did very well on last week’s test; thank you for all your hard work at home.

This week’s words all use long U spelling patterns, particularly u by itself (like in “human” and “unit”), ue (as in “fuel”) and u-consonant-e (for example: “cube).

Here’s the LIST!
1. human
2. unit
3. fuel
4. music
5. mute
6. cube
7. huge
8. fumes

9. unite
10. amuse

this week in spelling

Wow! Can you believe that we’re on our third official week of spelling?! This week’s words revolve around long A sound spellings, especially “ai” and “a-consonant-e.” The words include:
1. snake
2. tape
3. aim
4. pale
5. wait
6. trail
7. rain
8. wave
9. trailer*
10. snakeskin*

* challenge

Please check out Spelling City at www.spellingcity.com/mshamar/ for games, tests, and activities with these words. The list is named “Long A Words.”

Happy Spelling!
Ms. Hamar