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Tonight I clicked “checkout” on our first Scholastic book order of the year. I’m not really sure why that’s poignant but, right now, to me, it is. This week marks the beginning of our fifth week of school, the second official day of fall (trust me it started last week when I had to wear a sweater all day!), and millions of “firsts” accomplished in our classroom. Today was the first time I said “hurry” during cleanup and no one freaked out. A week ago we started our first real chapter in math: addition concepts. There was the first time we went to Library, the first time someone got really hurt in PE (tennis rackets to the face really hurt, eh Bruce?!) and the first time everyone read quietly for ten whole minutes. Ahhh, sweet silence. (It’s a noisy sort of silence but everyone was reading!) All of these, and more, were firsts for the current darlings that make up our classroom. And we have many more to come.

I hope the firsts you see at home are equally sweet: the first chapter book read independently, the first PRIDE award phone call, the first “look what I made Mom!”, the first indications that school is a happy place to be. And I hope you can take your time, enjoy those firsts with your child and savor every sweet success.