Memorial Day and beyond

Wow! I can hardly believe Memorial Day weekend is here already! It seems like May has just been flying by…and I’m barely holding on to the seat of my pants! Unfortunately busy, this weekend is a great opportunity (for all of us) to slow down, relax, spend some time with the people we love, and remember those who’ve gone ahead of us. My grandfather, Dave Hamar, served in WWII and died when I was 5. It’s such a joy to remember his quiet strength and love for God, his family and his country. I’m blessed to have known him.

This week coming up is just as full (big surprise!) as any so far this year. On Tuesday at 2:30, our Music Program will begin. I hope you can all make it to see our little Don Gatos perform. I love it when the dinosaur eats Don Gato. On Wednesday, at 11:15 the FAMILY PICNIC starts. Oh, I hope you can be there to eat with your student(s) and possibly to adopt one for a few minutes whose parents can’t be present. Thursday is normal (whew!) and Friday is early release for report card prep.

Report cards will be mailed to you near the end of June with next year’s room assignment included. We hope this helps you – to know whom your child’s teacher will be for next year. Occasionally someone gets nervous about a particular second grade teacher but please be reassured: each one of our teachers is wonderful in her own way. I’m confident that you can and will communicate well and work together for the good of your child since we have that in common: our desire to help these darlings grow and learn.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Ms. Hamar

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