Moms and Monday Mania

What a privilege to have our MOMS here last Friday! We celebrated Mother’s Day with muffins and juice and just loved having you here. We had one of our most successful school days afterwards – probably because everyone was SO happy. With carnival at the end of the day (thank you for all your time and contributions), our day was “the best ever!” according to several kiddos. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and were able to celebrate with either your children or your mother, or both.

And now…Monday mania is back again. We have new spelling words to learn and we begin our MAP testing today. We’ll be testing for 30 minutes each afternoon this week. Please help kids get lots of rest and healthy food so they can concentrate.

Spelling words this week are:

  1. ship
  2. rich
  3. shade
  4. teach
  5. chalk
  6. dish
  7. wash
  8. check
  9. shadow
  10. child

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