Monthly Archives: October 2014

What I know so far.

We have been in school for 25 days – or at least the children have. Sometimes it feels like forever; it seems like these kids have always been mine to teach and nurture. We’ve always taken GoNoodle brain breaks, read the news together, expressed addition with number bonds, and looked for little words and patterns everywhere. We’ve always been the class that makes Mr. Hampton’s day better after a rough kindergarten session and the ones who beg for art and kid time.

In other moments, it doesn’t feel like very long at all.
Today I tried to remember whether Jack had any pets and what Jacob’s favorite color is. Blue, maybe? Red? Who was it that struggled to read slug but easily read shut? I’m glad we have a little longer before conferences so I can pinpoint learning styles, personalities, academic strengths, and hopefully answer that age-old question, “what can we work on at home?” with something helpful.

As we dive deeper into the school year, I’m excited about all the possibilities, grateful that all my wild class nightmares in August were just my overactive imagination and looking forward to the hugs in store for me tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll remember whose happiest place on earth is Legoland before then…