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Coming to a School Near You in January

Oh My! We have a ton of fun planned for January! As a school, we’re offering an event for kids on Thursday afternoons (drumrolls please!)….Kadlec Academy @ Sunset View Gym
Students in grades 1-5, may join this fun after school club to learn how their bodies work.  There is no cost and each class includes fun exercises, hands-on activities and a healthy snack. For more information call (509) 438-4969. Register online by clicking the Sunset View link at Experts from Kadlec will be teaching these interesting classes and I’m thinking of sneaking in, just to see the fun for myself.

January 9 – Brain
January 16 – Heart
January 23 – Lungs
January 30 – Bones

In our own classroom, we’ll start several new concepts:

In math, we’ll study time and learn to tell it on an analog clock to the hour and half-hour. In reading, we’ll start looking maps, directions, and geography, which is an excellent foundation for our upcoming penguin study (science/social studies).  But, before we get to the blinding excitement that is PENGUINS, we are going to explore some physics with a science study called Push-Pull-Go. We’ll build ramps, swings and more with K’Nex and learn how the world works. Exciting stuff, my friends, exciting stuff. I can’t wait to get started.